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Gearbox Remapping & Tuning

Torque Monsta Automotive undertake gearbox tuning as well as engine tuning, Tuning your TCU Can improve DSG and Automatic gearbox shift times giving your vehicle that extra punch when combined with an Engine Tune.

Gearbox remapping is a must for all tuned vehicles. Automatic Gearboxes, by default, have torque limiters, restricting torque delivery to the wheels.

As well as unleashing the full power of your engine, TCU Tuning & DSG Remap improves shifts with lightning-quick response times and provides an all-around more sporty drive when you want it. It retains the nice and comfortable efficient modes when required.

Tuning Stages:

  • Gearbox Stage 1: TCU Reprogramming - Torque Limiters Raised, Shift speed increased, Gearbox Learning reset and adjusted for a sportier drive when sport mode is selected on the gear selector (or in Manual mode withflappy paddles). Launch Control RPM Can be edited, Manual mode upshift and kickdown mode can also be disabled.

  • Gearbox Stage 2:  Further TCU optimization as well as Clutch Pressure increased (Incorporates Stage 1 items also).

  • Gearbox Stage 3: Major TCU Tuning - Generally for upgraded clutch packs or torque converters.


If your automatic gearbox feels sluggish or lazy, or you've had an engine tune carried out, why not combine it with a gearbox tune as well for the ultimate driving experience!

We can remap/tune most auto boxes.


  • Custom Calibrations

  • 0% Finance Available

  • Fully Insured

  • IMI Accredited

  • Genuine Tools Only

  • Simple & Transparent Pricing


  • Removes All Torque Limiters

  • Instant Paddle Response

  • Improved Shift Times By Up To 50%

  • Improved Rev Matching/Throttle Blips

  • Add Gear Display In D Mode

  • No Auto Upshifting In Manual

  • Add/Improved Launch Control

  • M.O.T compliant software

  • Optimised shift pattern

  • Better MPG

  • & Much More

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