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About Us

Torque Monsta Automotive is the new sister company of Vulcan Motors.

(We were previously known as Torque Monkeys Automotive from July 2020 to December 2023).

We are dedicated to bringing you performance enhancements alongside other car modifications & more bespoke services.

When Torque Monsta Automotive was founded, we concluded that there was a lack of “one-stop-shop” automotive repair and customisation centres.

We found most garages offered a specialist focus, whether that be: general service, remapping/tuning, exhaust work or tyres and wheel replacements, but very few offer all the options combined!


By merging Vulcan Motors & Torque Monsta Automotive, we can now offer the ability to cover all your automotive needs, meaning we can provide a comprehensive package service. 

Thus, we can save you time and money by using our broad knowledge and abilities, rather than you, as the customer, having to vigorously search around for different places to get various specialist work carried out.


Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the latest technology within the automotive industry, for example, Electric Vehicles (EV's) & Hybrids, while retaining our knowledge of older vehicles.

Whether your vehicle is old or new, we have the finest mechanics standing by to fix any problem or any modification work you may want to be carried out.


We understand how important your vehicle is to you.


We’ve built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through rigorous training.


Our Craft, Quality of Work & Customer Service is our pride.

Visit Vulcan Motors & Torque Monkeys Automotive today for reliable and top-quality work!

Engine Belt

Brands and Makes



Drive in Style

  • We would have to say without a doubt, European vehicles are our number one specialty, having owned & repaired European vehicles more often than not (the majority of which being German in origin). 

  • While generally being a higher class of luxury and style, these vehicles are also complex and interesting, they certainly keep our brains working!

  • The majority of European cars are easily tuneable from a stock state, and with further heavy modifications can be a shock to others on the road!

  • Your European vehicle will be in safe hands here at Torque Monkey Automotive.



Did somebody say V8?

  • While European cars, maybe our number one specialty, we all have a soft spot for American motors! What’s not to love, V8’s, massive road presence, and exhaust notes with a grunt to die for.

  • No matter who you are, you can’t deny a soft spot for the vehicles from across the pond! 

  • With American cars generally being easier to work on vs their European counterparts, we enjoy working on them very much, however, we do also love a challenge, so bring your American motor down to us today!



Boost on tap!

  • While the Asian continent covers a whole host of vehicle manufacturers (nothing is unusual for us!) We all know how much Jap owners love their cars, Cars which more often than not, have massive Turbochargers strapped to them, producing immense amounts of boost, and induction noises to make your heart sing!

  • Asian vehicles are also generally more inexpensive vehicles for everyday use, however, this doesn't mean they need less care!

  • Make sure you have one less thing to worry about by having your Asian vehicle serviced by the Torque Monkey Automotive professionals.



There’s always more!

  • As stated above, nothing is unusual for us.

  • We welcome all types: Cars/Trucks & light commercial vehicles, no job is too difficult & we will always do our utmost to help you in any way possible.

Our Key Automotive Suppliers

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