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OEM Retrofit Upgrades

Torque Monsta Automotive can enable hidden or dormant factory options.
Did you know, your car probably shares some of the specs and features as the more expensive version of your vehicle? but that they're just switched off!

We can, in most cases, enable these features for a fraction of the cost of a factory order, or main dealer retrofit!


Items that are optional when your car is built can be retrofitted or programmed to work at any time. It’s what the manufacturers don’t want you to know!

Manufacturers’ optional functionality and features can be retrofitted or re-programmed. Many options are model specific, so please enquire for a quote or to discuss possible functions.


The coding or adaption of most ECUs can be altered using diagnostics to activate extra functions or change the behaviour of certain items. Most functions can also be switched off if not required. Not all ECUs support all functions, and they are mostly model specific.

  • The behaviour of some electrical components can be altered using diagnostic procedures

  • Coming home lights (Remote function)

  • Full window closer (Remote function)

  • Central locking adjustments (Anti hijack, locking or unlocking functions)

  • Daytime driving lights

  • Instrument cluster scales and Needle illumination

  • Seat belt warning

  • Start/stop

  • Cruise control

  • Phone or Hands-free kit

  • Multimedia or Aux music ports

  • Dash cameras

  • Additional lamps or the function of original lamps may be altered

  • Uprated suspension or wheels

  • Steering wheel paddles or multifunction steering buttons

  • Swapping parts from otthe her mois dels


  • Daytime running lights (DRL)

  • Coming/Leaving home function (Headlamp operation with remote key)

  • Corning lights (Single fog lamp operation when cornering)

  • Footwell lights dimming

  • Comfort turn signal operation (Change the number of blinks when stalk pushed briefly)


  • Hill hold assist

  • Electronic diff lock strength (EDL)

  • Brakedoorsist

  • Torque steer compensation (TSC)

  • Steering feedback adaption

  • Driver steer recommendation (DSR)

  • Tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) on/off

  • Emergency braking warning (Flash hazards when braking hard)


  • Anti-hijack/ Auto-lock function

  • Single or all door open with remote locking

  • Window open/close with remote

  • Alarm functions, alarm tone, indicator flash or audible tone with lock/unlock, sensitivity, interior sensors off

  • (Kessy) Lock car with engine running


  • Lap timer

  • Gauge/needle sweep on start up

  • Extra menu functions (Telephone, TPMS, Media, mirror adjustment) Miles/Km

  • Seat belt warning


  • Mirror auto folding, mirror auto reverse tilt, mirror, and rear window heater time

  • Auto window closing when raining

  • Teardrop wiping on front or rear wipers

  • Start/stop off

  • Parking sensor visual display (with compatible media screen)

  • Parking sensor volume

  • Rear wiper with reverse gear on/off

  • Steering wheel “Push to talk” button as “Mute”

  • Seat heater memory

Please note, functions are vehicle specific. Not all functions are available on all vehicles, and we are unable to determine which ones will work until attempting the procedure. If we can help, we will! Once a full diagnostic check is performed, we will know what is possible.

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